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Η Our company specializes in equipment catering and laundry services for more than 30 years. Since 1984 when it was founded by Dimitri Simsiriki, the company has equipped universities, institutions, military units, hotels, hospitals, clinics, caterings, traditional products production workshops, supermarkets, restaurants, butchers, fast food, cafe, bakeries and many other related activities in foodservice.

In 2005 housed in privately owned new facilities near Alexandroupolis Demokritos Airport.

After 2008 the emphasis was on strategic collaborations with large manufacturing firms abroad and in Greece, thus enhancing competitiveness.

In November 2009 installed and implemented Quality System in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO 9001: 2008, by the Certification Body QM-Cert Hellas.




  • 5th National Road Alexandroupolis-Border Vertical axis Egnatia Alexandroupolis Demokritos -Aerodromiou Evros PO Box 1077 / TK 68100 Greece
  • +30 25510-26592
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