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Simsirikis & Co, stationed at the northeast part of Greece, specializes in commercial kitchen and laundry equipment.
From 1984, when founded from Dimitrios Simsirikis, we have supplied with various equipment hospitals, institutions, hotels, restaurants, barracks, catering units, supermarkets, pastry and covenience stores and other food related facilities.
On 2008 under the head of Angelos Simsirikis, we started strategic cooperation with major equipment constructors from Europe, mainly from Spain, Italy, Turkey and Poland, enhancing our presence in the market all over Greece.


On November of 2009, a new quality system implemented under the demads of  ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008. The certificate 091109/2118  issued from QM-Cert Hellas, awarded for this totally new implementation.

From 2005, the showroom and head office, moved to new private facilities at Egnatia highway exit near Alexandroupolis airport.